Teaser: The Pop Group, “We Are All Prostitutes”

Last year saw the release of two fantastic records by the legendary agitprop group The Pop Group. Led by Mark Stewart, the band specialized in sounds that were dark, heavy, and, well, just plain unclassifiable. One of the releases was a rarities compilation, and the other a brand new studio album entitled Citizen Zombie.  Next month will see the first-ever western CD and digital reissue of the first iteration of the band’s final album, For How Long Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?. Released in 1980, it was even more aggressive and extreme than the band’s debut album Y,  which had been released the year previous.

Ahead of the album comes a reissue of the band’s 1979 single, “We Are All Prostitutes.” It is an amazingly harsh number. Listen to it above, and hear Nick Cave talk about the song, and after listening to the song, you’ll understand why…

“We Are All Prostitutes” and For How Long Do We Tolerate Mass Murder? will be released 19 February 2016 via Freaks R Us



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