Gallons Per Minute (Pig Roast)

Gallons Per Minute

In 2018, Jeff Schneider published Psychiatric Tissues, a hilarious and often brutal history of his noise-rock band, Arab On Radar. Schneider kept the book focused on the world around the band, offering only occasional glimpses into his youth when relevant to the story. His latest book, Gallons Per Minute, offers up short bursts of stories and scenarios from a young man’s life.

Yours truly devoured Gallons Per Minute in a single setting–and then read it again in that same single setting. That tells you how superb Schneider writes; he makes you want more, and he makes you want to go back and see if you missed anything. Over eleven stories, he brings characters to life. You’ve got a story of an impressionable twentysomething communist who pursues a crush to Venezuela, a sixteen year old kid taking his driver’s exam, and teenagers drinking beer. These stories offer a laugh, even if ultimately they’re quite mundane. Just when you think Schneider’s giving you comedy gold, he tears your guts out with heartbreaking stories–a legendary guitarist’s final days, an innocent victim of a vindictive SJW using #metoo against an innocent person, and a comedian’s super-fan’s crushed dreams.

If Gallons Per Minute serves as your introduction to Jeff Schneider’s writing–and it should, it really should–it won’t be until the middle of the book that you realize that he’s writing about himself. That realization adds another level of authenticity to the stories being told here. If you’ve read Psychiatric Tissues, then Gallons Per Minute serves as a wonderful companion to that world; it serves to satiate the addiction you’ll soon have to his writing. If you’ve not read Psychiatric Tissues, this little collection will surely compel you to do so. We hope you do, as it offers a rewarding journey.

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