Stack Waddy: So, Who The Hell Is Stack Waddy?: The Complete Works 1970-1972 (Cherry Red)

Manchester’s Stack Waddy was a raw, raucous rock band that loved the blues and loved to make a racket. Beloved by John Peel, who signed them to his record label, they released two of the roughest records of the early 1970s. This collection rounds up the lot of their recorded works, and feels very much like a link between the era of rock it followed and the one that was yet to come.

Guided By Voices: Live From Austin TX (New West)

Guided By Voices’ appearance on Austin City Limits was supposed to be the band’s big, nationally-broadcast fare-thee-well, shortly before they completed their final tour. Regardless, it’s a fine performance of a band at the top of its game, and there’s not a nostalgic moment to be had; it’s a vital, exciting performance from a band that still has a lot to give.

Matt Bianco: Matt Bianco (Cherry Pop)

In 1985, Matt Bianco frontman Mark Reilly faced a crisis when his creative partners left the band shortly after the release of their debut album. He soldiered on, found a new creative partner, and quickly picked up where he left off, delivering a delightful sophomore album that didn’t lose any momentum from the band’s promising debut.

Anthony Phillips: Invisible Men (Esoteric Recordings)

In the early 1980s, former Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips attempted a pop crossover; the final product, Invisible Men, wasn’t very good. Yet this reissue expands that album and presents a second disc of material from the era, and shows that while the final album was an underwhelming effort, the creative well from which it was drawn was anything but inferior.