Category: Album Reviews

The Beach Boys: 1967: Sunshine Tomorrow (Capitol Records)

1967 wasn’t a good year for The Beach Boys, and it especially wasn’t good for Brian Wilson’s psyche. But the year did produce one of their greatest albums, the highly underrated Wild Honey. This two-disc collection examines the lesser-explored post-Smile Beach Boys era, even though the biggest selling point of this generous rarities collection deserved to stay unreleased.

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry: Albums And Singles 1982-1989 (Cherry Red)

Red Lorry Yellow Lorry may be on the second or third tier in the annals of British post-punk bands, but that’s not for lack of quality; this handy box set compiles the entirety of their Eighties output, and shows that they were a pretty darn good band that made records that are better than you remember; even their attempts of making music with a more commercial appeal are quality.