Category: Album Reviews

Eric Johnson: Live From Austin TX (New West)

Texas guitarist Eric Johnson’s career was in an odd place in the 1980s; though a superbly talented musician with a Grammy nomination under his belt, he had difficulty finding a proper home for his music. Instead, he focused on his live show, and became a top-notch live act. This concert, recorded in 1988, captures him in his prime, shortly before he scored a surprise commercial hit with his song, “Cliffs Of Dover.”

Drivin’ N’ Cryin’: Mystery Road (Island Records/UMe)

When it came to their music, Georgia-based rockers Drivin’ N’ Cryin’ always defied expectations; they were a red-hot Southern Rock band who could quickly turn into a damn fine roots-rock group. Their third album, Mystery Road, is arguably their best, and this deluxe edition shows why. It’s a blend of all sorts of styles, and has been expanded with a handful of demos to show that the album was no fluke.

The Orchids: Who Needs Tomorrow…A 30 Year Retrospective (Cherry Red)

Glasgow’s The Orchids were one of Sarah Records’ flagship bands, and though they initially came to an end at the same time their label folded, they would reunite a decade later, releasing some of their finest work to date. This two-disc collection serves as a wonderful introduction to the band, offering one disc of their best moments, and one disc of choice rarities and unreleased material.

Leon Everette: If I Keep On Going Crazy/Hurricane/Doin’ What I Feel (Morello)

Between 1981 and 1983, country musician Leon Everette had an amazing run of high-charting singles. Yet less than two two years after that amazing run, would soon stop making music entirely. This two-disc collection compiles the entirety of his output from this era, recorded for RCA, and is his first-ever CD release, a welcome collection of an artist who deserved more than obscurity.