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U2: All That You Can’t Leave Behind: 20th Anniversary Super Deluxe Edition (Island)

After releasing their first major flop, Irish rockers U2 produced an amazing comeback album, a tight, concise album that smartly stripped away the band’s excesses. A lavish new box set captures the excitement of the era where a find band returns to form.

Mercury Rev: The Secret Migration (Deluxe Edition) (Cherry Red)

In 2005, Mercury Rev released its follow-up to the masterpiece All Is Dream. Unfortunately, The Secret Migration largely went ignored. This new deluxe edition offers a fresh and vital reconsideration of an album much better than the indifference at the time might have led you to believe.

Kevin Rowland: My Beauty (Cherry Red)

In 1999, Dexys Midnight Runners frontman Kevin Rowland released My Beauty, his second solo album. Unfortunately, the album was instantly overshadowed by its (un)controversial cover, amongst other problems. Twenty years later, the album finally gets the loving reissue and reevaluation it deserves.

Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets: Live At The Roundhouse (Legacy)

In 2018, former Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason put together a live tribute to his band’s pre-Dark Side Of The Moon material. Live At The Roundhouse is a superb document of one of the era’s most surprising and satisfying tribute bands.

The Wolfgang Press: Unremembered Remembered (4AD)

Paired down to a duo, long-running 4AD band The Wolfgang Press came to a quiet end in 1996. Unremembered Remembered offers up the band’s final recordings, showing that even though they may have lost their motivation to continue, they were clearly finding their way once again.

Tasmin Archer: Sweet Little Truths: The EMI Recordings 1992-1996 (Cherry Pop)

In 1992, British singer/songwriter Tasmin Archer released one of the year’s best albums, Great Expectations. But that album’s superb promise was never realized, as her label dropped the ball on her. Sweet Little Truths offers up her complete recordings for the label, and is easily one of the most essential reissues of 2020.

Ric Ocasek: Beatitude (Rubellan Remasters)

When The Cars took a break in 1982. frontman Ric Ocasek holed up in the studio and made his debut solo album, the underrated Beatitude. Thirty-eight years later, a new reissue reintroduces this low-key jewel to the world.

Box Of Chocolates: Fearful Symmetry (Drag City)

Box Of Chocolates’ sole album Fearful Symmetry has all the depth and sophistication that can be had when pre-fame famous people got together for a stoned weekend and hit the record button.

Anthony Phillips: The Living Room Concert (Esoteric Recordings)

In the mid 1990s, former Genesis guitarist Anthony Phillips was asked to record an at-home session for broadcast on NPR. The Living Room Concert documents that performance, and serves as a nice curio of an intimate home performance.

Gerry Beckley: Discovering America (Morgan Blue Town)

In 1970, American teenager Gerry Beckley recorded a handful of demos in and around London, perhaps hoping to find success. He would do so a year later with his band America. Discovering America captures a young man in the process of finding himself and offers up a fun–albeit brief–look at the soon-to-be soft-rock star’s formative years.