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Harry Nilsson Losst And Founnd

Harry Nilsson: Losst And Founnd (Omnivore Recordings)

When he died in 1994, it was assumed that Harry Nilsson had largely retired from making music. A brand new collection from Omnivore Recordings offer up Nilsson’s final recordings taken from a heretofore unknown recording session two years prior to his sudden death.

Dinosaur Jr: Hand It Over (Cherry Red)

Dinosaur Jr ended its tenure as a major label band with 1997’s Hand It Over. Though released with little fanfare, this deluxe edition helps shine a light on what is indeed an underrated jewel of an album.

Dinosaur Jr: Without A Sound (Cherry Red)

Dinosaur Jr released their sixth album Without A Sound less than a year after their previous effort, thanks in part to the allure of commercial success, resulting in a good album that feels slightly off. This reissue offers up the chance for a reevaluation, and in so doing one discovers it wasn’t that bad of an album.

Dinosaur Jr: Where You Been (Cherry Red)

The Grunge boom of 1992 reaped dividends for Dinosaur Jr, who met the new sound with aplomb and delivered a fantastic and still well-regarded album. This two-disc reissue offers an exciting and enjoyable dive into the heady years of when Dinosaur Jr roamed the land.

Dinosaur Jr Green Mind

Dinosaur Jr: Green Mind (Cherry Red)

Dinosaur Jr made their major label debut in 1991 with their fourth album, Green Mind. Though somewhat raw and undercooked, this expanded reissue helps to revitalize the album thanks to quality b-sides and a live disc.

Gene Clark: No Other (4AD)

In 1974, Gene Clark released his fourth solo album, No Other, a masterpiece unfortunately and bizarrely labeled a failure. 4AD’s deluxe reissue does much to correct that misconception, and offers a lavish and definitive look at one of the decade’s truly lost classics.

Autumn Leaves: 29 Gems For The Golden Season of Indian Summer (Bear Family)

Various Artists: Autumn Leaves: 29 Gems For The Golden Season of Indian Summer (Bear Family)

With the weather being positively schizophrenic as of late, the esteemed Bear Family has offered up a superb compilation that captures the essence of the season, ranging from cool jazz to hot bluegrass.

Spirit: Two Sides Of A Rainbow: Live At The Rainbow 1978 (Esoteric Recordings)

Psych rock band Spirit was in a state of flux during the late 1970s, but Two Sides Of A Rainbow highlights a power trio giving 110% to an excited and ecstatic audience.

The Muffs: No Holiday (Omnivore Recordings)

Kim Shattuck’s death will forever hang over their final album, but it’s a gorgeous work of art that can be interpreted in many ways and represents everything we’re going to miss about her.

Bob Dylan: Travelin’ Thru, 1967-1969: The Bootleg Series, Vol. 15 (Legacy Recordings)

The meeting of minds between Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash has long been the thing of legend, but now the legend is made real with a three disc set that chronicles Dylan’s Nashville country years, featuring the historic session, as well as outtakes from his two albums from this time and an incongruous Earl Scruggs session recorded in 1970. It’s an exciting and compelling document of Dylan’s reinvention as a country crooner.