Joyce Street: Tied Down (Numero Group)

Who was Joyce Street? She’s the latest artist rescued from oblivion and obscurity. All that seems to be known is she was a Mississippi homemaker in the 70s and that she recorded and performed her own material. So how does Tied Down, a new compilation from Numero Group, actually sound?

Much isn’t known about the musicians on Tied Down, whether it was a studio band backing her up or if she had regular musicians she worked with. So mystery shrouds the album’s 14 songs, and perhaps it doesn’t matter. Whoever they are, they should be commended for their talent; the piano and backing harmonies on “Life Ain’t Worth Living (If I Can’t Have You),” recall Floyd Cramer and The Anita Kerr Singers. Street’s voice has a familiar lilt that reminds a bit of other singers from the era, most notably Loretta Lynn. 

And that’s just the opening track. 

Tied Down showcases a talent that could take on a variety of styles with aplomb. “That Man Of Mine” is a pleasant diversion into country rock, the blues dominates “Don’t Make Me Cry,” while the hillbilly sounds of “Mississippi Moonshine” are simply a fun, delightful romp. Best of the lot is “Love In My Heart,” a contemporary-sounding number that seems as if it dates from the late 70s or early 80s. It’s a ballad, and it’s sophisticatedly arranged, sounding like a big budget production more so than the rest of Tied Down. It’s a delicious piece of music, and it leaves the listener wondering why nothing ever came of her attempts to get heard. Was she just cursed with bad luck?

Yet it isn’t Street’s fault that fate conspired against her. She possessed a good voice, one that might have blossomed had it been nurtured and developed over time, allowing her to develop a more original style that better suited her music. But what if is a game played in hindsight; instead of hypothetical wondering about what might have been, just enjoy Tied Down for what it is: a talented young woman expressing herself in song.  

Purchase Joyce Street Tied Down:  Numero Group 

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