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Calm: Calm (12″)/Calm (7″)/Moonraker (Numero Group)

The short-lived band Calm offered a transitional phase between the post-hardcore noise band Mohinder and the space rock atmospherics of Duster. The band’s humble discography has just now been reissued, and it offers an interesting snapshot of a now-revered band’s early development.

Song Of The Day: Spontaneous Overthrow, “All About Money”

Taken from the Numero Group release, All About Money.

Song Of The Day: TNS, “Time’s Up”

Taken from the Numero Group release, Warfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares.

The Edge of Daybreak: Eyes of Love (Numero Group)

A stunning document of an excellent R&B group located behind prison bars. Eyes Of Love is one of the most essential reissues of 2015.

Boscoe: Boscoe (Numero Group)

Boscoe was an obscure Chicago-based collective of black radical musicians. Their sole album should be a relic from the era; instead, it’s a painful, unintentionally contemporary reminder of how little has change.

Bedhead: Live 1998 (Numero Group)

This eleven-song live performance from Dallas’ Bedhead documents one of their final shows, and helps to capture the spark of their transformative live shows.

Bedhead: 1992-1998 (Numero Group)

Dallas-based slowcore band Bedhead has their discography compiled, and Tim Hinely’s got a few things to say about it.

The Montgomery Express: The Montgomery Movement (Numero Group)

The first and only recordings of a duo of two R&B loving blind men sees a reissue 40 years after its release on Folkways Records.

Unwound: Rat Conspiracy (Numero Group)

Numero Group’s Unwound campaign continues with box set number three, entitled Rat Conspiracy. This set covers the year 1993 and 1994, including the band’s proper debut album, Fake Train, and its follow-up, New Plastic Ideas, as well as a handful of singles. Though the band had already been around for three years, it wasn’t until… Read More ›

Josefus: Dead Man (Numero Group)

  Josefus is one of the greatest heavy metal bands you’ve never heard. Their sound is a blend of blues-rock and heavy metal. One might be tempted to label them as followers of Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, but to do so might prove slightly incorrect, as the Houston-based band formed at roughly the same time,… Read More ›