Song Of The Day: TNS, “Time’s Up”

Warfaring Strangers, Numero Group‘s latest entry specialty reissue series focusing on self-released and obscure music, has decided to take a trip into pure drug hell. We’re talking rock and roll casualties, burnouts, teenage Satanists and tomorrow’s Yuppies in their formative societal dropout years. We’re talking heavy Black Sabbath riffs and Robert Plant-attempting wails. The eighteen bands featured on Warfaring Strangers don’t always get there, but when they do…damn! One band that did get there was Michigan-based TNS, who released but one single, “Time’s Up,” in 1972. Too bad, because its killer riff was definitely something special, Grunge Rock’s weird uncle shortly before he got busted on a bogus dope rap. That Mark Arm hasn’t covered this yet is a damn tragedy.


Warfaring Strangers: Acid Nightmares is available from Numero Group.

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  1. Thank you Joseph, never thought so many years later i would be hearing this record again .We always worked hard to get all of our music just right.Looks like we did.
    Thank you again lead singer AL

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