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Song Of The Day: Bruce Hornsby, “Fractals”

April 24, 2019

Taken from the Zappo Productions release, Absolute Zero.

Song Of The Day: Wand, “xoxo”

Taken from the Drag City release, Laughing Matter.

Song Of The Day: Cows, “Finished Again”

Taken from the Amphetamine Reptile release, Sorry In Pig Minor.

Song Of the Day: Will Kimbrough, “I Like It Down Here”

Taken from the Daphne Recordings release, I Like It Down Here.

Song Of The Day: Carl Broemel & Eric Hopper, “Junk”

Taken from the Stocks In Asia release, Brokenhearted Jubilee.

Song Of The Day: John Girgus & The Legendary House Cats, “Act Two”

Taken from the UPB Music Group release, “Act Two.”

Song Of The Day: Earl Thomas Conley, “Love Don’t Care (Whose Heart It Breaks)

Some words on the career of forgotten country legend Earl Thomas Conley, who passed away yesterday at the age of 77.

Song Of The Day: Jimbo Mathus, “Really Hurt Someone”

Taken. from the Big Legal Mess release, Incinerator.

Song Of The Day: I Was A King, “Bubble”

Taken from the Coastal Town Recordings release, Slow Century.

Song Of The Day: Luluc, “Black Umbrella”

Taken from the Sub Pop release, Dear Hamlyn.