Song Of The Day: The Roomsounds, “Blame It On The Liars”

The Roomsounds

Reinventing the wheel is overrated. Sometimes, the only thing you want is to hear a good band that isn’t too proud to wear their influences on their sleeves. While it may seem like faint praise to suggest that Dallas-based band The Roomsounds aren’t trying to do anything groundbreaking, that doesn’t mean that their new album Good Company isn’t enjoyable. It is, in fact, quite good; the band doesn’t shy away from their love of R.E.M, Tom Petty, and the Stones, and they’re all the better for it. But check out “Blame It On The Liars,” easily Good Company’s best track. The band goes all-out for a sound that reminds us of the mellower side of Oasis, while vocalist Ryan Michael brings out a delivery that Liam Gallagher would envy. I have a feeling they’re a superb live act; with songs this big and anthemic, how could they not be?  Good Company offers the simple pleasure of solid, unpretentious songwriting, and what’s wrong with that? Not a damn thing.

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