The Recoup is a reader-supported, advertising-free music and popular culture website. It is the singular product of Joseph Kyle, a veteran music journalist and writer. Over the last decade and a half, he has written for such publications as Punk Planet, Under The Volcano, No Depression, Pitchfork, Big Takeover, Tiny Mix Tapes, The Active Listener, Collapse Board, and Dagger. He was also the editor of one of the first independent music websites, Mundane Sounds, which was published between 2001 and 2007. He is currently an active contributor to Big Takeover, Dagger, and The Active Listener.

The Recoup is a joint print and online publication. It was borne in 2012 after a conversation Kyle had with a fellow writer about the dearth of respect for reissues, more specifically after reading  seeing a five star review in Mojo magazine that consisted of twenty words. Kyle also felt a frustration that time was not given over to reissues in the pages of most classically-minded magazines and websites. Thus, The Recoup was born.

The Recoup is solely dedicated to exploring the music enjoyed by its editor, be it the story of a popular band or an unknown one. Both are valid in the eyes of The Recoup. Music does not have an expiration date; the ending of a press campaign or business cycle does not lessen a record’s importance, nor should albums only be commented upon or discussed in reference to a specific time.

The Recoup is a genre-free publication, but it’s more than that. It’s a labor of love.

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  1. ‘Born’. Great site, great philosophy.


  1. The Recoup Book Review | Becoming the Beach Boys - a reader's companion to the book

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