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Songs Of 2018: Brücken/Froese, “Whispers (of) Immortality”

December 20, 2018

The front woman for one of the best 1980s electronic pop bands teamed up with the son of a progressive rock legend for one of the most sedate and enjoyable albums of the year.

Songs of 2018: The Mystery of The Bulgarian Voices featuring Lisa Gerrard, “Shandai Ya”

Long awaited collaboration between two exotic, otherworldly groups proved to be exactly as good as you would expect to be.

Songs Of 2018: Spiritualized, “I’m Your Man”

Spiritualized returned with a fantastic new album, and this particular song is one of Jason Pierce’s finest to date.

Songs of 2018: Mike Love And Hanson, “It’s O.K.”

Beach Boys front man Mike Love teamed up with a brotherly duo noted for having harmonies equally as good as his Wilson cousins, and their remake of a lesser 1970s track was a surprising return to form.

Songs Of 2018: Meshell Ndegeocello, “Sometimes It Snows In April”

A gorgeous cover of one of Prince’s finest compositions is the highlight of a record of fantastic covers of R&B hits from the 1980s and 1990s by one of the more underrated talents of the era.

Songs Of 2018: Ibibio Sound Machine, “A Forest”

An amazing and drippy cover of a classic song from The Cure

Songs of 2018: Tess Parks & Anton Newcombe, “Gruenwald”

A superb rewarding collaboration between a 1990s American psych rock visionary and a very talented vocalist.

Songs of 2018: Buxton, “This Place Reminds Me Of You”

A dreamy track from a wonderful Houston band’s new album.

Songs of 2018: Amusement Parks On Fire, “Infernal Flame”

A fantastic return to form from an underrated band from the last decade.

Songs of 2018: Jim James, “Throwback”

This month, we’ll be reviewing some of the best music this year had to offer. First up is a track from the fantastic solo album from My Morning Jacket frontman Jim James.