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Have Yourself An Eclectic Little Christmas!

December 24, 2018

We would like to thank you for your readership and patronage in 2018 by giving you a heady and enjoyable stew of weird and wonderful Christmas music. We will be returning January 7, 2019, and I hope to see you then!

Tryptophan, Take Me Away!

A little podcast trip to end your Thursday turkey day…enjoy! We will be back Monday!

Tryptophan, Take Me Away! A Post-Thanksgiving Comedown Podcast.

Please do enjoy this rebroadcast of our Thanksgiving Day special–an hour and a half of fine, easy-on-the-ears listening.

The Recoup’s 2016 Thanksgiving Mental Health Survival Podcast: Tryptophan, Take Me Away!

Need a mental health break from Thanksgiving? Want to mellow out or just chill to some gentle sounds? We’ve got the solution for you: our annual Thanksgiving Day Podcast is designed for maximum tryptophan enhancement!

The Recoup Morning Workout #2: Wherever You Go, There You Are

Give yourself thirty minutes to exercise, and we’ll give you a great soundtrack!

The Recoup Morning Workout #1: Slippin’ & Dippin’

Give yourself thirty minutes to exercise, and we’ll give you a great soundtrack for it!

Feel It: Mr. J’s Late Night Dance Party!

It’s Saturday night–time for a late-night bedroom disco party!

Podcast: buncha new crap #1

We don’t really cover new music and contemporary artists here, but we do like new stuff, and here’s some of the stuff we like.

A Pulse Is A Privilege Of The Mortal Elite: A Requiem Podmass

My childhood best friend died suddenly on Saturday. We pay tribute to him here–and will return with regular updates this week.

Before We Bow Down: An Interview With Sanguine Hum

Joff Winks and Matt Baber of Sanguine Hum join me for an in-depth conversation about their latest release, a deluxe, expanded reissue of their obscure, proto-Sanguine Hum album, 2007’s Songs For Days.