Laura: A Unique Day For A Unique Gal


You may have noticed that The Recoup’s been relatively skint in terms of new content. On January 28th, my best friend and close confidant and soulmate Laura Patterson died after a lengthy illness. It’s been a major loss, as one could imagine.

Yesterday–Leap Day–her family held a celebration of her life. Unfortunately, I was unable to attend, thanks to health issues. but I wanted to pay tribute to someone who has meant so much to me for most of my adult life. As she was a huge music fan, a podcast offered the perfect opportunity to do so. Here are my thoughts from my initial post last night.

I can’t help noting that today is February 29th. I can think of only one other day in the year that would be more appropriate for us to say goodbye to Lauraloo Patterson. Today is a unique day to say goodbye to a unique gal.

As I write this, I’m struck by the fact I knew Loo for approximately half of her life. Though I’m several years older, it’s still amazing to me to think that she has been a presence in my life for so long. We met in 2000 in Denton at a show at Rubber Gloves. Or was it Dan’s? I honestly don’t remember. I fell for this somewhat shy and tiny but absolutely adorable bundle of crimson-dyed hair almost instantly. We then met up again shortly thereafter on Livejournal, and a friendship soon blossomed. Was it love? It sure was. Even though her boyfriend might not have cared much for me.

Over the next two decades, we would grow extremely close—and then fall out—and then rekindle our friendship almost from the point where we left off. The only difference? This time there was another factor involved, her “wee fuss-pants,” Oliver. Fell for this little guy in the same way I fell for his mother. I do this podcast in part for him. He’s ten, and at some point he is going to want to know more about his mother. I hope these 45 songs will help him—and you—to understand and appreciate the woman and friend we’ve lost.

Some of the songs here are obvious—they were songs she loved dearly. Some of the songs here might not be so obvious; you had to know her well to understand why they’re here. Some of the songs hold deep secrets shared between us that you will never ever know why they mean what they mean, as I have no intention of ever sharing them. Some of the songs are for my own damn selfish reasons, because I’m hurting and this time is for me.

The songs here pay tribute to the girl I fell in love with, who became one of my best friends, and who I have missed every day for the past month, whose voice I so long to hear, who I so want to text her silly things that we did every day.

I loved her.

 A lot.

I am going to miss her.

This one is for you, ‘loo.
They’re all for you, ‘loo.


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