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Laura: A Unique Day For A Unique Gal

A tribute to Laura, my best friend/soulmate/confidant for the past twenty years.

R.I.P. Tom Petty

Just a few thoughts on the passing of a legend.

EDITORIAL: Everett True, funny how it seems….

Just have a few thoughts about Everett True’s book excerpt, and an appeal for you to donate to what is surely going to be a delightful, thought-provoking, honest book.

Editorial: The Recoup State Of The Union

Just a little note to tell you what’s going on in the Recoup land.

Dallas Friends: The Recoup now available at Good Records

Dallas area friends, you may now pick up a copy of The Recoup at one of our favorite record stores ever, Good Records. Go check ’em out, beat the heat with some cool sounds, say hello to the friendly folk behind the counter, play some Centipede, and tell ’em we sent ya!

Chicago Friends: The Recoup Now Available at Quimby’s!

Chicago friends, the wonderfully fine folk at Quimby’s are now stocking The Recoup on its shelves. Please support both independent publishers (hey, that’s me!) and independent bookstores!

The Recoup Around the Net

Hello there, dear readers! Just wanted to give you a heads-up about some of my Recoup-minded reviews from around the web this week! First up, for the esteemed Big Takeover I have reviewed Home and Away, a reissue of Del Shanon‘s lost baroque pop masterpiece from 1967. It’s a great reissue, and it’s worth it… Read More ›