The Recoup’s 2016 Thanksgiving Mental Health Survival Podcast: Tryptophan, Take Me Away!

Greetings! We hope you are having a pleasant and loving Thanksgiving Day today. We realize that this year’s celebrations and gatherings may be a little more tense this year, so we’ve made you a little treat. We return this year with the second volume of our Tryptophan-enhancing podcast, and we give you two hours’ worth of carefully selected and programmed music to make you feel at ease, to help ease your tense nerves, and to just mellow you out.

So just hit on the play button up there and let us take you away into a gentler, relaxing headspace, and while you’re listening, we encourage you to check out the rest of The Recoup, and read up about some great music you might have missed.

Oh, and if you need more relaxing sounds, check out the first volume of our Thanksgiving podcasts.

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