Song Of The Day: Tyketto, “Wings”


Being in a hair metal band in 1991 was bad enough, but being signed to Geffen Records virtually assured your record would not be heard. Such was the fate of Tyketto, a New Jersey-based hair metal band. Geffen released their debut album, Don’t Come Easy, and then promptly forgot about it. Pity, too; though their pop metal sound was suddenly passé, had they released their debut a year earlier, it’s not hard to imagine it shifting units and receiving radio and MTV play. But tastes change, and it’s really not hard to imagine that their video for “Wings” pushes back a little bit against the changing tide and their record label’s total indifference. And, to their credit, Tyketto didn’t give up simply because of Don’t Come Easy‘s failure; they would release two more albums in relatively quick succession, and though they would split, they would return in 2012, and have just this year released Reach, their fifth studio album.  Don’t Come Easy, which is out now on Rock Candy Records, is that rare find: an obscure gem from a band in a genre that was–and is still–neglected and ignored by critics.

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