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2/45: Conway Twitty “I Don’t Know A Thing About Love (The Moon Song)” c/w “Don’t Cry Joni” (1984)

September 5, 2018

Over the next year, we will be highlighting 45 meaningful 45 singles, in tribute to our editor’s 45th year on the planet. This week’s entry is a classic late career hit for legendary singer Conway Twitty, coupled with a classic duet with his daughter.

Lost Singles: Yoko Ono “No, No, No” c/w “Will You Touch Me” (1981)

It’s not really necessary to relate to you the significance of today; I trust my readers to know full well what happened today in rock history. In 1981, widow Yoko Ono came out of grieving in the way she knew best: her art. Yoko has always been a polarizing figure, and just because she’d just… Read More ›

Lost Singles: Conway Twitty “I Don’t Know A Thing About Love (The Moon Song)” c/w “Don’t Cry Joni” (1984)

Conway Twitty was an exceptional musician, and though his hairdos might have been funny, he was a seriously talented man. He was also a rarity in that unlike many of the country singers of the 1950s era such as Johnny Cash or George Jones, Twitty made the transition to modern country era, even though he… Read More ›

Lost Singles: Kenny Rogers – “Love Will Turn You Around” c/w “I Want A Son”

“‘Remember when?’ is the lowest form of conversation.” – Tony Soprano In writing about older music here and in the print edition of The Recoup, I’ve purposefully set about trying to avoid being too nostalgic. It’s easy to get caught up in nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake, and it doesn’t always make for the most interesting… Read More ›

Lost Singles: The Fun & Games “The Grooviest Girl In The World” c/w “It Must Have Been the Wind”

One of the enjoyable developments in rock music in the late 1960s was the rise of bubblegum pop. What made this development even more interesting is how it blended with the burgeoning psych-rock scene as well. While the genre would produce its fair amount of cheese, some true gems can be found. One such jewel… Read More ›

Lost Singles: Smog “A Hit” c/w “Wine Stained Lips”

  In 1994, Drag City released this little slab of vinyl from the lo-fi troubadour Bill Callahan. Though he had already released two albums and a handful of singles, it was “A Hit” that garnered him the world’s notice. It’s not hard to understand why this song quickly became popular in the underground. Callahan’s dour,… Read More ›

Lost Singles: Beth Orton “Best Bit EP”

Best Bit Released December 1, 1997 Heavenly Records 72 Formats: 12″ EP, CD Single Best Bit was Beth Orton’s first release of all-new material following the release of Trailer Park, her breakthrough 1996 debut. While that album highlighted Orton as a masterful blender of warm, earthy folk tones and colder electronica, this four-song EP finds her… Read More ›

Lost Singles: The Beach Boys “California Girls” c/w “Let Him Run Wild”

  What would July 4th be without The Beach Boys? In selecting the single for this feature, I initially wanted to highlight the ultimate summertime song, “All Summer Long,” but, surprisingly, it was not initially released as a single in the US, although it was a popular album cut, and was released in various formats… Read More ›

Lost Singles: Pansy Division-“Valentine’s Day” (Lookout! Records)

Back in the 1990s, one of the more controversial punk-rock bands was Pansy Division. The group, led by the duo of Jon Ginoli and Chris Freeman, wrote hilarious songs about gay love, life, and a very open lifestyle, all in the guise of some excellent pop-punk. As a straight man, I appreciated their sense of… Read More ›

Lost Singles: Concrete Blonde “Everybody Knows”/Sonic Youth “Titanium Expose”

For many teenagers, the soundtrack to the teen movie Pump Up The Volume served as their primer to so-called “alternative rock.” It’s a great record, one you should seek out immediately if you have not heard it. The lead single from the film was Concrete Blonde‘s cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows.” It was a minor… Read More ›