Lost Singles: Concrete Blonde “Everybody Knows”/Sonic Youth “Titanium Expose”

concrete blonde

For many teenagers, the soundtrack to the teen movie Pump Up The Volume served as their primer to so-called “alternative rock.” It’s a great record, one you should seek out immediately if you have not heard it.

The lead single from the film was Concrete Blonde‘s cover of Leonard Cohen’s “Everybody Knows.” It was a minor hit, setting up the band for success with their next single, “Joey,” from their soon-to-be-a-hit album, Bloodletting.

Though not released officially in the United States, this lovely song did appear on a vinyl single, released in Australia, with a Sonic Youth song from the soundtrack, “Titanium Expose,” on the flip-side.

The pairing is sublime, a mixture of two sounds that contrast each other well. The A-side is dark and somber, while the flip side is noisy and fast and hazy.

Sometime in 1991, I happened upon a copy of this single for sale for a buck, and being a fan of both bands, grabbed it up, and was reminded of it toady after looking up Concrete Blonde on Discogs. It’s a somewhat rare single for both parties, even though the songs themselves are relatively easy to find. Still, it’s a great little record, and listening to the two songs again is making me smile on this hazy, humid night.

I have no idea where my copy of this record is–time and going away to college has a way of losing things for you…

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