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Lost Singles: Heavenly “Space Manatee” c/w” “You Tore Me Down”/”Art School”

  The final single of Heavenly‘s career was a double-edged sword. It was catchy, fun, and instantly lovable; the band were at the top of their game, having released their finest album to date, their unexpected swansong, Operation: Heavenly. Yet tragedy would be looking around the corner, with the sudden death of founding member and drummer… Read More ›

Alison’s Halo “Dozen” c/w “Calendar”

Tempe-based Alison’s Halo did not have a long career, but they did make an impact on those who heard them. A part of the nascent dream-pop movement, they managed to release only one single in their brief lifetime, and it was a stunner. Released in 1995, the two songs on their Independent Project Recordings single… Read More ›

Paul McCartney “Once Upon a Long Ago” c/w “Back On My Feet”

“Once Upon a Long Ago,” a dreamy, wintery song, was released towards the end of 1987. The song was the new song from his greatest hits album, entitled All The Best!  In terms of his career, it was his fortieth single, and reached number ten in the UK music charts. The song was an outtake… Read More ›