Alison’s Halo “Dozen” c/w “Calendar”

alisons halo

Tempe-based Alison’s Halo did not have a long career, but they did make an impact on those who heard them. A part of the nascent dream-pop movement, they managed to release only one single in their brief lifetime, and it was a stunner.

Released in 1995, the two songs on their Independent Project Recordings single are hazy, fuzzy, and dark, but are broken nicely by the vocal styling of Catherine Cooper, and put Alison’s Halo in good company with Lush, Curve, Heartthrobs, and Cranes. 

An album followed threeyears later, entitled Eyedazzler 1992-1996, but by then the band had split. Catherine and husband Adam have continued to work together in bands rooted in this style, but with enough differences to keep things interesting.

According to their website, they are working on new material and an archival release on Captured Tracks–a fitting home for their sound.

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