The American Analog Set “Dim Stars”


Guest Author: The American Analog Set’s Andrew Kenny:

“Dim Stars” was an important song for the American Analog Set. Before the band began, we drug our instruments and the recently purchased 1/2 inch 8-track up to my family’s lake cabin for a long weekend. It was a lot of goofing off, but we also wrote and recorded three songs: “Diana Slowburner (i),”Everything Ends In Spring” (which reappeared 10+ years later on Set Free), and “Dim Stars.” It was a bit different, sure, but those three songs really established what our weird band was going to sound like for the next few years. The Farfisa, my Roland Space Echo, Mark’s drum kit. Lee and I working the guitar and bass around one another. It all came together that weekend. Over the summer that followed, we wrote all and recorded most of what would would become our first two albums. But the original three were a strong influence on all of it.

“Dim Stars (The Boy In My Arms)” can be found on The American Analog Set’s 1996 Emperor Jones album, The Fun of Watching Fireworks.

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