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Punk News Comin’ Yer Way!: A Conversation With The Hard Times Founder Matt Saincome

October 29, 2019

We sat down with Matt Saincome, the founder of the hilariously funny website The Hard Times, on the occasion of the release of their first book, The Hard Times: The First 40 Years.

Pull Up A Chair For A Spoken Gem: A Conversation With Sean O’Hagan

We have a delightful conversation with Sean O’Hagan, the mastermind behind the lovely High Llamas and former member of noted Irish band Microdisney, where we discuss his gorgeous new solo album, Radum Calls, Radum Calls, his reunion with his former bandmate Cathal Coughlan, and what the future holds.

There’ll Be No Sad Tomorrow: A Conversation With The Muffs’ Kim Shattuck

We remember the late, great Kim Shattuck by revisiting our delightful and hilarious conversation with her regarding The Muffs’ second album, the superb Blonder & Blonder.

All Is Well: A Conversation With Woo’s Clive Ives

We have a lovely and informative discussion with Clive Ives, one-half of the British experimental instrumental duo Woo, where he breaks down their latest archival release, the charming and delightful All Is Well.

Your Feet Are Where Your Demons Lurk: The Conversation With David Berman That Sadly Never Happened

We were supposed to begin a conversation with the late David Berman this week, a little dalliance to keep him preoccupied whilst he fought the boredom of the road. Yet sadly, that never happened, as he passed away by his own hand last Wednesday. We reflect on him, his fantastic Purple Mountains project, and present you with questions we had intended to ask him, but sadly will never get to ask him.

Beauty Only Lingers: A Conversation With Warren Defever

Hot on the heels of a critically-acclaimed new archival release, we sit down with His Name Is Alive mastermind Warren Defever to talk about how it came to be, his early years of music making, and what he’s got up his sleeve.

Uh-Oh! It’s A Conversation With The Coolies!

We sit down with the hottest and most exciting kick-ass punk rock bubblegum supergroup you’ll find this summer! They’re fun, but they rock out with a purpose, and we hope you check them out!

All Of Your Heartbreak Has Been Sung: A Conversation With Richard Swift

We were saddened to learn of the death of Richard Swift. We revisit a conversation held with him in 2007, one that captures his restless spirit and his feelings about the music industry.

If You Don’t Underestimate Me, I Won’t Underestimate You: Bob Dylan’s John Wesley Harding At 50

Fifty years ago this past December, Bob Dylan emerged from his exile with a startling new album–the simple, direct, no-frills John Wesley Harding. Ron Hart approached a handful of musicians to share their thoughts on this seminal–and sometimes under-appreciated– comeback album.

Designate Your Love As Fate: INXS’s Kick at 30

For its 30th Anniversary, writer Ron Hart pontificates on Kick, Australian rock band INXS’s most commercially successful and critically acclaimed album.