Before We Bow Down: An Interview With Sanguine Hum

sanguine hum

In 2007, British musician Joff Winks released the album Songs For Days, credited to the clumsily-sounding “Joff Winks Band.” Its digital release would soon be forgotten about, as the band would soon revamp with both a new name and a stunning new direction as progressive rock band Sanguine Hum.

Nearly a decade later, the album’s finally seen a proper physical release, whilst being expanded to a two-disc set, the second containing unreleased material, demos, and remixes of period material, showing that this young band’s search for direction certainly was a time of fertile creativity.

We sat down with Sanguine Hum frontman Joff Winks and keyboard player Matt Baber to discuss these early days, the music that inspired them, and about becoming Sanguine Hum.

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