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Patrick Moraz: Out In The Sun (Esoteric Recordings)

Swiss Progressive pianist Patrick Moraz’s second album was an escape to South America captured in sound, and remains a delightful and sunny listening experience.

Third Ear Band: Music From Macbeth (Esoteric)

Director Roman Polanski tapped British progressive collective Third Ear Band to compose the music for Macbeth, his first production after the murder of his wife and friends at the hands of Charles Manson. Through use of improvisation in the blending of old and new musical techniques, they provided the bleak, heavy score the film needed.

Sky: Carillon: The Singles Collection 1979-1987

British classical rock phenomenon Sky offered up a unique take on progressive music, and this two disc collection that compiles their complete singles discography shows what made them such a versatile and interesting band.

Bill Nelson: Dreamy Screens: Soundtracks From The Echo Observatory (Cocteau Discs)

When Bill Nelson launched his solo career, he began to develop an interest in abstract, moody instrumental music. This three-disc box compiles three early soundtracks written and released in 1981 and 1982, and offer up gorgeous–and sometimes quite challenging–experiments.

Song Of The Day: Atlantic Bridge, “Dear Prudence”

Taken from the Esoteric Recordings release, Atlantic Bridge.

Bill Nelson: Chance Encounters In The Garden Of Lights (Esoteric Recordings)

Progressive musician Bill Nelson’s 1987 album was an ambitious double album consisting of minimalistic ambient sonic sketches compiled to form a cohesive whole. This thirtieth anniversary edition offers the set in its entirety, as well as a limited edition seven inch suite and fourteen bonus tracks–adding additional depth to the listening experience.

Michael McGear: Woman (Esoteric Recordings)

Woman was the debut solo album from former Scaffold talent Michael McGear; an album he intended to be a more straightforward, serious affair. Surprisingly, this album is something of a lost jewel, the delightful sound of a young talent trying on different sounds and finding his creative voice.

Blonde On Blonde: Rebirth/Reflections On A Life (Esoteric Recordings)

Welsh progressive rockers Blonde On Blonde overcame the loss of their frontman and visionary, releasing two promising but ultimately commercially unsuccessful albums.

Gerry Rafferty: Can I Have My Money Back? (Esoteric Recordings)

Gerry Rafferty’s 1971 debut album, Can I Have My Money Back? was a record that should have been a major hit; unfortunately, it was largely ignored, and led to the formation of his band Stealers Wheel.

9:30 Fly: 9:30 Fly (Esoteric Recordings)

The peculiarly-named 9:30 Fly came and went without much notice, and is a sought-after Prog Rock obscurity. This reissue offers a chance to evaluate this rarity and reveals a level of promise.