Song Of The Day: Djabe & Steve Hackett, “Walking Around”

Djabe Steve Hackett Walking Around

Several years ago, Hungarian jazz band Djabe met with progressive guitarist Steve Hackett in Sardinia, resulting in the fine album Life Is A Journey: The Sardinia Tapes. Released to critical acclaim, the pair have gathered together again for an album. Though Djabe recorded in Sardinia, Hackett added his contributions after the sessions, but you wouldn’t know it.

Back To Sardinia is the result, and it’s just as gorgeous as its predecessor. It’s a collection of windswept, breezy, and mellow jazz rock, and “Walking Around” is easily one of the finest numbers of the set. Much like the rest of the album, “Walking Around” has the ability to warm you when you’re cold and chill you when you’re hot. It’s the perfect record for December; it’s a sonic delight that makes a nice palate cleanser for the end of a stressful year.




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