Tag: 2019

Song Of The Day: Drivin N Cryin, “Straight To Hell”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Friday, February 12th is “Straight To Hell” by Drivin N Cryin, taken from the Blank Records release Live At The Print Shop.

Nick Mason’s Saucerful Of Secrets: Live At The Roundhouse (Legacy)

In 2018, former Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason put together a live tribute to his band’s pre-Dark Side Of The Moon material. Live At The Roundhouse is a superb document of one of the era’s most surprising and satisfying tribute bands.

Song Of The Day: SOHN with the Metropole Orkest, “Artifice”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Friday, May 22nd, is “Artifice” by SOHN, taken from the 4AD release SOHN Live With The Metropole Orkest.

Song Of The Day: Garcia Peoples, “One Step Behind”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Friday, March 6th is “One Step Behind” by Garcia Peoples, taken from the Beyond Beyond Is Beyond release, 10​-​10​-​2019 Nublu, NYC.

Song Of The Day: McAlmont & Webb, “No Surprises”

The Recoup’s Song Of The Day for Friday, January 10, 2020 is “No Surprises” by McAlmont & Webb, taken from the album The Last Bohemians.

Song Of The Day: Different Angels, “Problems”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Thursdsay, January 9, 2020 is “Problems” by Different Angels, taken from the U-Dot release, Problems/Reasons.

Song Of The Day: Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker, “If You’re Around And Down”

The Recoup’s Song Of The Day for Tuesday, January 6, 2020, is “If You’re Around And Down” by Charles Rumback and Ryley Walker.

Song Of The Day: L’Épée, “Shiny Shiny”

Taken from the A Recordings Ltd. release, Ghost Rider.

Song Of The Day: Grandaddy, “RIP Coyote Condo #5”

Taken from the Grandaddy release, “RIP Coyote Condo #5.”

Song Of The Day: George Faulkner Sings Murry Wilson, “Happy, Happy Holiday”

Taken from the Bolt Records release, Murry Christmas!.