Song Of The Day: George Faulkner Sings Murry Wilson, “Happy, Happy Holiday”

George Faulkner Sings Murry Wilson

Several weeks ago, we introduced you to New York-based George Faulkner. He’s taken on the unique and interesting task of exploring the publishing catalog of Murry Wilson, the notorious father of the Beach BoysWilson brothers. Faulkner released a fantastic single and we were lucky enough to share the b-side with you.  With Christmas upon us, we figured it’s a good time to share the flip-side as well. We’re sure you’ll agree: “Happy, Happy Holiday” isn’t bad! In fact, we think it wouldn’t have been out of place on the Beach Boys’ famous and beloved Christmas album. Then again, the boys learned songwriting in part from their father…so that’s something to think about as you listen and sing along.

This lovely little number also serves as a delightful little taste of an exclusive first listen we have coming up in just a little while…



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