Song Of The Day: Pete Molinari, “Waiting For A Train”

Pete Molinari Waiting For A Train

We were curious about what British ex-pat Pete Molinari was up to these days;  it’s been six long years since he last released an album. So we were happy to discover that absence is about to end, with the release of new album Just Like Achilles, out January 10th via We Are Hear. We’ve not heard the album yet, but if “Waiting For A Train” is any indication, it’s gonna be a good’n. Molinari’s always had something of an early Dylan singing style, and that’s not changed. The production is quite lush, the song a hushed, understated reflection on love. It’s a standout track that leaves us anticipating Just Like Achilles. (And if you want to get really meta, here’s Molinari performing the song with Jakob Dylan.)

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