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Songs of 2018: Mike Love And Hanson, “It’s O.K.”

Beach Boys front man Mike Love teamed up with a brotherly duo noted for having harmonies equally as good as his Wilson cousins, and their remake of a lesser 1970s track was a surprising return to form.

Song Of The Day: The Beach Boys, “Little Bird” (Live In Fargo, ND)

Taken.from the Capitol Records release, The Beach Boys On Tour: 1968.

The Beach Boys: Wake The World: The Friends Sessions (Capitol)

The first of two offerings in the annual Beach Boys copyright extension series, this alternate version of their album Friends is a beautiful and surprisingly essential collection that offers new depth to one of their most underrated albums.

Song Of The Day: The Beach Boys, “Girl Don’t Tell Me”

Brian Wilson offers up a surprisingly mature song about a boy being secure in the fact that his summer romance is over. It’s a perfect finale as we head into Labor Day weekend and the start of a brand-new season.

Song Of The Day: Mike Love And Hanson, “It’s O.K.”

Taken from the BMG release, “It’s OK.”

Song Of The Day: The Beach Boys, “All Summer Long”

With the beginning of August  slowly creeping upon us, that only means one thing–the summer is soon to be winding down; school starts back up, life returns to “normal,” and all is right with the world!  We’ve really enjoyed this month’s theme, and we hope you did, too. What better way to conclude this look… Read More ›

The Beach Boys: 1967-Sunshine Tomorrow 2: The Studio Sessions (Capitol Records)

The end of the year always finds The Beach Boys gifting their fans with dives into their vast studio and live archives. This year’s offering serves as a companion to the superb 1967-Sunshine Tomorrow compilation, and though it’s probably one of the less essential offerings in the ongoing series, it still contains a few moments that make it worthwhile.

Song Of The Day: Mike Love, “Sumahama”

This unreleased version of a Mike Love composition would later be re-recorded as a Beach Boys number, but this version is the finer of the two.

The Beach Boys: 1967: Sunshine Tomorrow (Capitol Records)

1967 wasn’t a good year for The Beach Boys, and it especially wasn’t good for Brian Wilson’s psyche. But the year did produce one of their greatest albums, the highly underrated Wild Honey. This two-disc collection examines the lesser-explored post-Smile Beach Boys era, even though the biggest selling point of this generous rarities collection deserved to stay unreleased.

The Beach Boys: Graduation Day 1966: Live At The University of Michigan (Capitol Records)

This year’s archival copyright release from The Beach Boys is a collection of two live performances. As live performances go, it’s a perfunctory show, yet these two shows represent something greater: a band at a crossroads, shortly before things worsened for their career.