Song Of The Day: Mike Love, “California Beach”


Okay, we do realize how easy of a target Beach Boys frontman Mike Love happens to be, but we’re going to be honest: we don’t care about the criticisms. See, here’s the thing–he is as much a part of the Beach Boys formula as the Wilson brothers, because he was the enigmatic showman that Brian and Carl never could have been, as they didn’t possess his outgoing gregariousness. But the debate about Mike Love isn’t all that interesting to me.

Instead, let’s take a moment and enjoy his fantastic new single, “California Beach.” The hardcore fans will know that this is actually a song that dates back to the late 1970s, with a full band version having been recorded circa 1978 or so. While that version was perhaps guilty of imitating the 1963 style to the point of mediocrity, Love has wisely rewritten the tempo, slowing it down and giving it a mellow, laid-back groove. While it’s counted as a solo recording and appears on his forthcoming solo album 12 Sides Of Summer, it’s a total Beach Boys song in all but name. It’s the perfect song for the 4th of July, as the Beach Boys will forever be an All-American band.

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