Song Of The Day: Shellac, “Crow”

Chicago noise-rockers Shellac ruled 1994. Their debut album, At Action Park, was a sonic one-two punch to the head and to the crotch–not a surprise, considering mastermind Steve Albini‘s reputation. Of course, those lucky enough to catch the new band live–a rarity–could attest to their power. They brought their music to supporter John Peel‘s studio in July 1994, recording a Peel Session that was instantly bootlegged and universally loved. Now, for its 25th anniversary, it is finally getting an official release, along with a set recorded shortly after Peel’s untimely passing.  The clear favorite from The End Of Radio is “Crow,” which was one of their debut album’s strongest and most potent numbers. This version burns like mercurochrome on a severed head…


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