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Song Of The Day: Purple Mountains, “Margaritas At The Mall”


We’ve already rambled on about the previous two Purple Mountains singles, and single number three, “Margaritas At The Mall,” finds David Berman and company holed up at a suburban drinking establishment, paying too much money for too little alcohol in too sterile environments. It’s a sad-sack affair, a vaguely-Spanish sounding number but not really–it is the mall he’s at, after all–and the struggles between the fakeness of his surroundings and the unfake pain in his heart create a wholly wonderful tug-of-war. “Margaritas At The Mall” is woozy, a bit dramatic, whilst having an imperfection the previous two singles didn’t have–yet that’s all a part of the game, my friends. Drinking your life away is hard work. But those horns are a nice touch, and this new taste doesn’t diminish our opinion that their new album is going to be one of the best albums of 2019.

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