Song Of The Day: The Beach Boys, “I’m Going Your Way”

The Beach Boys 1969 I'm Going Your Way

First things first, let’s not quibble about the meager offerings for 2019’s Beach Boys copyright extension release, shall we? We’ve heard rumblings about a massive Beach Boys box documenting the surprisingly fertile post-Capitol Records era. So we’re not too fussy about The Beach Boys 1969: I’m Going Your Way being a mere three-song EP; two of the offerings are compelling, while the third, a cover of the 19th century classical amusement park waltz number “Carnival (Over The Waves)” is fun but inessential.

What makes this collection worthy is “I’m Going Your Way,” a Dennis Wilson composition. Recorded during the Sunflower era–though we’re not sure if he was thinking of it as a solo track–it’s one of the wayward Wilson’s finer numbers. It’s a country-rocker that shows he was keeping up with the times; it wouldn’t be out of place to contemporaries like the Grateful Dead. It’s a fine number that makes up for the slim pickings this year. (The other song of note, “Slip On Through,” is an instrumental take that reminds us of Peter Green‘s Fleetwood Mac.)

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