Song Of The Day: The Shins, “New Slang (When You Notice The Stripes)”

The Shins When I Goose-Step

For the December entry in their Singles Club, Sub Pop did something a little different: they celebrate the 1999 single by The Shins, “When I Goose-Step”. At the time, this release brought attention to the young band, who had previously traded as Flake Music. To enhance this release, Sub Pop has added a third song, and its a fine addition; it’s a very early version of what would become their signature number “New Slang,” at the time called “When You Notice The Stripes.” The song originally appeared on a compilation of their first two singles created for their 2000 tour with Modest Mouse and later appeared as the band’s Sub Pop debut. Although doesn’t greatly differ from the version the world would fall in love with on Oh, Inverted World, it possesses an acoustic warmth that makes it worth seeking out.

Purchase The Shins When I Goose-Step:  Sub Pop

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