EXCLUSIVE FIRST LISTEN: California Music, “Golden State”

California Music

Even though the weather may not seem like it, summer is on its way. No family captures the spirit of sunshine and summer more than the Wilson family. While Brian Wilson and Mike Love are the only surviving members of the clan, they’ve created a musical legacy that encompasses their children and the family of the other members of  The Beach Boys. 

To that end, a fascinating new project entitled California Music celebrates the family Wilson. The brainchild of David Beard, the publisher of the official Beach Boys quarterly, the project was borne out of a 50th anniversary family rerecording of “Add Some Music To Your Day.” From there, an album was borne, one that features not only the offspring from the talented members of the band, but almost all of The Beach Boys themselves.

That album, California Music Presents Add Some Music, will be released this Friday, and we’re proud to present to you “Golden State,” featuring Brian Wilson’s son-in-law, Rob Bonfiglio. 

As David Beard states, “Rob Bonfiglio’s ‘Golden State’ perfectly marries with the tone set by the newly recorded version of ‘Add Some Music To You Day,’ in that it mirrors and expands on The Beach Boys’ California based sound. Rob is a tremendous musician, Singer, and producer, and this song really speaks to those strengths.”

We think you’ll enjoy it.

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