Song Of The Day: The Beach Boys, “Little Bird” (Live In Fargo, ND)

Last Friday saw the release of the third copyright extension release for the Beach Boys, a massive 114–song collection of live performances recorded on their 1968 American and British tour. Unfortunately, just as their store had faded off the charts rather quickly, attendance began to dwindle for their concert appearances. It wasn’t for lack of quality, though; they had grown as a touring band, including additional members as well as a horn section. The recordings show that they are obviously growing into the fantastic live act that they would become in the 1970s, but they are not quite there yet.

One song, however, is worth noting. Although there are only five appearances here of Dennis Wilson’s “Little Bird”—and it never appeared to be performed after this tour–– it’s definitely a highlight. It was Dennis’s first proper songwriting credit (not counting a snippet of a drum solo that was added onto an album a few years earlier and credited to him) and it showed that the wild child was becoming a fine songwriter in his own right. It’s a shame that this song disappeared from the set list and that Dennis never really was allowed to blossom like he should have.

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