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Lightnin’ Hopkins, “Mr. Charlie”

A fantastic and touching blues number from one of the finest Texas bluesmen ever, taken from a fantastic and essential documentary from 1968.

The Ghost Of Christmas: The Beach Boys, “The Gong”

The sound of a demon ravaged individual confronting himself amidst a noisy, almost progressive rock accompaniment. It’s an extremely dark journey into a troubled soul…

Song Of The Day: The Beach Boys, “Little Bird” (Live In Fargo, ND)

Taken.from the Capitol Records release, The Beach Boys On Tour: 1968.

The Beach Boys: Wake The World: The Friends Sessions (Capitol)

The first of two offerings in the annual Beach Boys copyright extension series, this alternate version of their album Friends is a beautiful and surprisingly essential collection that offers new depth to one of their most underrated albums.

The Ghost Of Christmas: Pearls Before Swine, “Translucent Carriages”

A haunting walk through the woods from a definitive album released 50 years ago and whose maker sadly passed away this year.

Anita Kerr: The Five Classic Warner Brothers Albums 1966-1968 (el Records)

Anita Kerr left the comfort of her successful career in Nashville, setting out to Los Angeles to experiment with more contemporary music. The five albums she released under her name for Warner Brothers are fine examples of mid-60s Easy Listening and Sunshine Pop.

John Lennon & Yoko Ono: Two Virgins/Life With The Lions (Chimera Music)

The Unfinished Music series was designed as a way for John Lennon and Yoko Ono to document their budding relationship. The sounds held within are uncompromising, unique, and occasionally frustrating. In other words, Yoko Ono at her best.

Anita Kerr/Rod McKuen/San Sebastian Strings: The Sea, The Earth, The Sky (El Records)

This three-disc set compiles a trilogy of spoken word albums and a heady collaboration between poet Rod McKuen and arranger Anita Kerr.

Singles Staying Single: The Sundazed Records Singles Collection

It’s the first day of summer–and you say you need some sweet Sixties sounds for your beach party? Well, this recent selection of reissue singles from Sundazed Records will serve you well!

3AM Eternal: McGough & McGear, “Mr. Tickle” (1968)

We’re back! Our dormant daily feature is back, and this time, we’re paying tribute to Paul McCartney and his music. First up…an interesting little number, which leads us into today’s big feature…