Song Of The Day: L’Épée, “Shiny Shiny”

L'Épée "Shiny Shiny"

2019 was the year we in love with French/German psychedelic rock group L’Épée, a collaborative effort between Anton Newcombe, the French duo The Limiñanas, and vocalist Emmanuelle Seigner. Their debut album, Diabolique, is one of our favorite albums of the year; we’ll be posting our thoughts on it in a few days. To build upon that, they’ve recently released Ghost Rider, a three-song single featuring one of the album’s best numbers, as well as two super b-sides. From the down and dirty gritty psychedelic rock to the fantastic Frank Kozik artwork, this EP delights. New song “Shiny Shiny” is our favorite track of the lot, featuring sexy and seductive and stoned-out garage rock groove. If you’ve not heard Diabolique, do yourself a favor and check it out; if you can’t right now, then “Shiny Shiny” is a great little introduction to this fantastic band.

Purchase L’Épée Ghost Rider EP: A Recording Ltd.


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