Song Of The Day: Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker, “If You’re Around And Down”

Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker "If You're Around And Down"

The duo of percussionist Charles Rumback and guitarist Ryley Walker reunited for their second album, Little Common Twist, released late last year. Such a move can be the kiss of death for an album’s visibility, unfortunately. But seek this one out, won’t you? Walker’s solidified his reputation several years ago, and just when you have him pegged, he slips out of the rut. He’s willing to take risks, too; he’ll release anything from a noisy improvisation to an album of unreleased Dave Matthews Band songs. The vibe here is all autumnal, all the time; gentle instrumentals that veer from simple acoustic ditties to complex prog-rock epics–and all performed with élan. My personal fave is the penultimate track, the eight-minute “If You’re Around And Down.” It starts with a simple groove and then launches you into a journey into deep outer space.

Purchase Charles Rumback & Ryley Walker, Little Common Twist:  Amazon / Thrill Jockey

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