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Song Of The Day: Djabe & Steve Hackett, “Beams Over The Nulvi Mountains”

Taken from the Esoteric Antenna release, Life Is A Journey: The Sardinia Tapes.

Quiet World: The Road (Esoteric Recordings)

British progressive group Quiet World took a bold step and released a conceptual record for its debut album. The Road was a gamble that didn’t pay off; this reissue, however, shows that there was more to the story, and serves as a cautionary tale about being too audacious too soon in one’s career.

Steve Hackett: The Tokyo Tapes (Esoteric Antenna)

In 1996, veteran guitarist Steve Hackett fulfilled a long-standing desire to perform in Japan, so he put together a five-piece band of friends from his past, with a two-fold purpose. Not only would he be performing with mates, but the band would take excursions into their individual pasts, including visits to his work with Genesis… Read More ›