Song Of The Day: Djabe & Steve Hackett, “Beams Over The Nulvi Mountains”

Over the past decade, Progressive guitarist Steve Hackett has engaged in several collaborations with Hungarian jazz group Djabe, resulting in a handful of satisfying, enjoyable releases. Recently, the two parties congregated in an old church in Sardinia, and recorded a quick and productive session of improvised material. The resulting album, Life Is A Journey: The Sardinia Tapes is the fruits of that session, and it’s a fine collection of ambient jazz. The album veers from light and funky shuffles to more introspective and tender ambient pieces. The highlight of this delightful collection is “Beams Over The Nulvi Mountains,” which drifts quietly into space, propelled by a gentle pedal steel guitar and an unhurried tempo. Life Is A Journey also contains a DVD, featuring the album in 5.1 DTS and images snapped from the surrounding area and a brief live set recorded in June 2017. Life Is A Journey is a gentle, enjoyable collection of mellow modern jazz and ambient music, one that shouldn’t be missed if you need something to chill out to.

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