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Various Artists: Cherry Stars Collide: Dream Pop, Shoegaze, and Ethereal Rock 1986-1995 (Cherry Red)

Cherry Red’s new boxset documents the dream pop scene, and offers up five hours’ worth of fine, superb music from 1986-1995.

Dionne Warwick: Sure Thing: The Warner Bros. Recordings (1972-1977) (SoulMusic Records)

Dionne Warwick spent her Seventies signed to Warner Brother records, but she didn’t see the same highs as her Sixties. A new box set collects her recordings for the label and allows for an opportunity to revisit this less regarded era of her career.

Various Artists: Disco 75 (Robinsongs)

Sure, Disco may have sucked, but did it always? Disco 75 is the first in a compelling new compilation series from Robinsongs that is dedicated to exploring the best of the best for each year of the disco era. This first collection is much more diverse than you might think.

J Mascis: Fed Up And Feeling Strange: Live And In Person 1993-1998 (Cherry Red)

Dinosaur Jr frontman J Mascis occasionally stepped away from the full band experience for a handful of solo acoustic performances. Fed Up And Feeling Strange captures those moments, offering not only his first-ever solo acoustic performance, but also his 1995 solo album Martin & Me, and a loose but fun show from 1998, shortly before dissolving his band.

Various Artists: Bubblerock Is Here To Stay! (Grapefruit)

Though long forgotten, the British AM radio rock of the early 1970s gave the world some weird and wonderful pop nuggets. A new compilation, Bubblerock Is Here To Stay!, offers 78 nuggets you probably will never hear anywhere else.

Mudhoney: Real Low Vibe: The Complete Reprise Recordings 1992-1998 (Cherry Red)

A brand new box set collects all of the major label recordings of the legendary Seattle underdogs Mudhoney, bringing new light to this era, one often overlooked for its corporate associations. Real Low Vibe shows that the major label didn’t change Mudhoney–if anything, the experience made them a much better band.

Jon Anderson: Song Of Seven (Esoteric Recordings)

In 1980, former Yes frontman Jon Anderson released Song Of Seven, an impressive, interesting take on more contemporary, traditional sounds.

Reggae Strings: Reggae Strings And Reggae Strings Volume 2 (Doctor Bird)

Reggae label Trojan Records conceived a unique idea: release an album containing the divisive orchestral backing tracks and release them as an Easy Listening records. Thus was born Reggae Strings, a delightful record that stands on its own merits. This new collection offers a second disc that features the original songs, and turning the curiosity into an essential best-of for the first era of the beloved label.

Mercury Rev: The Secret Migration (Deluxe Edition) (Cherry Red)

In 2005, Mercury Rev released its follow-up to the masterpiece All Is Dream. Unfortunately, The Secret Migration largely went ignored. This new deluxe edition offers a fresh and vital reconsideration of an album much better than the indifference at the time might have led you to believe.

Song Of The Day: Immaculate Fools, “Below This Sun”

The Recoup Song Of The Day for Friday, October 23 is “Below this Sun” by Immaculate Fools, taken from the forthcoming album Stardust And Water.