Song Of The Day: Immaculate Fools, “Below This Sun”

immaculate fools

British pop band Immaculate Fools arrived in the mid-1980s, just as Alternative music started morphing into something new. Frontman Kevin Weatherill possessed a gravelly voice not unlike Richard Butler and had a knack for intelligent pop. Though he retired the band in the mid-1990s, over the past few years he’s resurrected the name. Good thing, too; his songwriting touch hasn’t aged. A new album, Stardust And Water, will be released in November. The most recent single, “Below This Sun,” blends Weatherill’s fine voice and superb lyrics to a melody reminiscent of Roy Orbison‘s “You Got It,” — a very fine thing, indeed. The just-released video proves a joy, with Weatherill happily sauntering around, big smile on his face. Can’t blame him, either, when you deliver such a fantastic song to the worol!

For those not familiar with the band’s previous work, December brings Searching For Sparks, a seven-disc box set from Cherry Red. This set features all of the band’s studio albums from their first iteration, as well as b-sides, outtakes, and live performances. This collection rights a major wrong, as the band’s six albums deserve to be recognized as some of the finest of the era.

Purchase Immaculate Fools Stardust And Water: Official Website

Preorder Searching For Sparks: The Albums 1985-1996: Cherry Red

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