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Song Of The Day: Tangerine Dream, “Asteroid Agenda”

Taken from the Cleopatra Release, Ultima Thule.

Before We Bow Down: An Interview With Sanguine Hum

Joff Winks and Matt Baber of Sanguine Hum join me for an in-depth conversation about their latest release, a deluxe, expanded reissue of their obscure, proto-Sanguine Hum album, 2007’s Songs For Days.

The Keith Emerson Trio: The Keith Emerson Trio (Cherry Red)

These seven songs capture a teenage Keith Emerson at the start of what would become a tremendous career.

Twilight Music: Tangerine Dream, Live at Reims Cathedral (1974)

A full concert of vintage Tangerine Dream in their prime, now reissued officially.

Keith Emerson: At The Movies (Esoteric Recordings)

Progressive composer Keith Emerson’s diversions into soundtrack work are neatly compiled into a three-volume box set.

Heldon – Allez-Téia (Superior Viaduct)

This reissue of French progressive-rockers Heldon sounded futuristic then, sounds contemporary today, and is an enjoyable collection of instrumental sounds.

Man: All’s Well That Ends Well (Esoteric)

One of the more interesting trends of the 1970s was the development of the “farewell residency,” when bands would end their run with a series of shows, which would result in the the release of a final concert album. Thus was the case for Welsh-based Man, a band that had specialized in an enjoyable blend… Read More ›

Paul Nelson: Vortex (Medical Records)

Okay, so where has this record been hiding? Paul Nelson was a young man of musical ambition, a nerd-like love for computers, and, apparently, Tangerine Dream and other prog-rock records. He recorded this, his lone album, and it’s a shame he didn’t make more. First things first: skip over the first song, “Automated Man,” as… Read More ›

Keith Emerson: Honky (1981)

If one were feeling sarcastic, one might suggest that Honky, progressive keyboardist Keith Emerson‘s solo album from 1981, should have been titled Prog-Rockers in Paradise. While Honky is far from a Jimmy Buffett-style affair, it most certainly isn’t the austere, almost solemn affair of Emerson’s work with Emerson, Lake &  Palmer; if anything, the record… Read More ›

Steve Hackett: The Tokyo Tapes (Esoteric Antenna)

In 1996, veteran guitarist Steve Hackett fulfilled a long-standing desire to perform in Japan, so he put together a five-piece band of friends from his past, with a two-fold purpose. Not only would he be performing with mates, but the band would take excursions into their individual pasts, including visits to his work with Genesis… Read More ›