Twilight Music: Tangerine Dream, Live at Reims Cathedral (1974)

reims cathedral

Tangerine Dream’s music has always possessed an otherworldly quality to it, so performing in the Reims Cathedral seemed like a natural fit for their brand of futuristic classical music. That Nico performed in between two sets might have been taken as a dire warning of courting the dark side, but no one noticed.  Well, there was a bit of a to-do, to say the least; much like Christ, Tangerine Dream attracted well over five thousand souls, who crammed into the building which barely fit two thousand people. The crush of the audience caused so much damage to the Cathedral, it wound up costing Tangerine Dream the ability to perform concerts in any Catholic building, as directly ordered by the Pope himself. 

The recording of the performance, however, has been a classic on the bootleg rounds, and rightly so; it’s an excellent performance, showcasing the band at their potent, live best; it’s tripped-out and deep and vast and expansive and just downright beautiful, and you may listen to it here.

But you know what? Tangerine Dream recently started a “bootleg series,” and this is the first one on the block. It’s out via Esoteric Recordings, and available via Cherry Red. With remastered sound and a second concert, along with a wonderfully detailed book about the band’s live performance that night, it’s an excellent, essential addition to your ambient music collection. 

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