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Best Of The Recoup: Thirteen Years In Urban Bohemia: A Conversation With The Dandy Warhols’ Courtney Taylor-Taylor

July 28, 2017

In 2014, we sat down with Dandy Warhols frontman Courtney Taylor-Taylor and had a great chat about the making of the band’s seminal album Thirteen Tales From Urban Bohemia.

Best Of The Recoup: Life Is Far Too Fast: A Conversation With Mike McCartney

Last year, we sat down and had a long, compelling conversation with Mike McCartney about his delightful one-off album, McGough & McGear and the era that produced it.

Best Of The Recoup: Serious Fun: A Conversation With The Knack’s Berton Averre

In 2015, we had an interesting, insightful discussion about fame and the final years of The Knack, a band known for one hit, but one that had so much more to offer.

Best Of The Recoup: Frank Black And The Catholics: I Don’t Mind A Little Ear Damage

The recently released omnibus of the complete recorded works of Pixies frontman Frank Black’s band The Catholics gave us the opportunity to talk to him about this era of his vast, interesting career.

Best Of The Recoup: Final Wild Songs: A Conversation With The Long Ryders’ Sid Griffin

In the 1980s, Sid Griffin fronted The Long Ryders, who have recently released Final Wild Songs a comprehensive box set that has renewed interest in this brief but hard-working band. We sat down with Mr. Griffin in 2016 to discuss the band and the box set.

Best Of The Recoup: People Used To Dream About The Future: The Story of A Girl Called Eddy

Since its publication in 2014, this interview with A Girl Called Eddy’s Erin Moran has consistently been one of The Recoup’s most popular stories. Learn more about the mysterious Moran and the making of one of the best albums you’ve probably never heard.

Best Of The Recoup: Like A Jewel Curled Around Your Finger: The Story of The American Analog Set’s Know By Heart

Published in 2014, this interview with American Analog Set frontman Andrew Kenny discusses the making of the band’s fourth album, Know By Heart.