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The Recoup Videocast: The Paul McCartney/Jerry Lewis MDA Telethon Videos

September 5, 2016

Though the MDA Telethon is no more, we revisit one of our favorite memories from the golden era of the Labor Day tradition.

A Week’s Notice: March 25, 2014

  Hello! This little playlist samples some of the music you’ll be hearing this week. So cozy up someplace nice for the next 50 minutes and give yourself an aural gander into what we’ll be talking about this week. Enjoy!  

3AM Eternal: Belinda Carlisle Heaven on Earth videos (1987-1988)

We’re going to be doing some different things with this feature, one of which is today’s offering, a collection of the videos released from today’s featured review, which will be posted later this morning. I’ve tried to gather up all the official videos from official sources, but that’s not always possible, so the quality varies…. Read More ›

A Memento from 40 Years Ago

Someone posted the above image on Facebook, and it’s a lovely little piece of history. It’s an innocent time; yeah, I ain’t gonna lie and say the times were better; they most certainly were not. Yet there’s a purity to that time, change was coming to the country, and the music of the era represented… Read More ›

Update: Issue One is Done!

A happy announcement: the first issue of The Recoup is done! That picture above represents the final editing and proofreading job I have ahead of me this weekend. When completed, it will be sent to our layout master, and then to the printer, and then will be available to you! Here’s a brief sample of… Read More ›

Happy Birthday Yoko Ono!

We here at The Recoup would like to wish Yoko Ono a happy 80th birthday! Her music and her art has always been divisive, and she has always been true to herself. Her art is uncompromising but not uninviting, serious but never too serious. A sense of fun has always been woven into her music,… Read More ›

Saturday Afternoon Spotlight #2: The Durutti Column

I was saddened to read of the recent trials and struggles of Vini Reilly, who, as The Durutti Column, has consistently composed some of the most beautiful music one could ever hear. In the midst of the hardships, an encouraging response came via a recent outpouring of sympathy and financial aide that he has received,… Read More ›

The Recoup Videocast #1: This Is What We Like to Sound

Greetings and Salutations! WATCH THIS SPACE: the fine folks at Allegra Media Web Design will be working with us on making an awesome website over the coming months, but we’re just too eager to start sharing the goodness! We will be running videocasts, with content starting on Monday! (NOTE: the content found on the website… Read More ›