Saturday Afternoon Spotlight #2: The Durutti Column

I was saddened to read of the recent trials and struggles of Vini Reilly, who, as The Durutti Column, has consistently composed some of the most beautiful music one could ever hear. In the midst of the hardships, an encouraging response came via a recent outpouring of sympathy and financial aide that he has received, courtesy of his fans–myself included.

I dedicate this weekend’s playlist  to a wonderful composer and an unheralded, unequaled talent. If you are familiar with his music, you know the depths of the next hour; if you are not, then you are in for a gentle, beautiful, heavenly treat. Either way…enjoy!



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  1. I must say, it took me a bit of time to put this together–there’s just so much awesome DC and VR material to choose from!

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